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Complaint Against Bussiness Owners
Service Description
If the employee or his family members (wifes and kids as per CCHI policy) is not insured, or if the employer is deducting the insuarnce premium from the employee, he can submitt a complaint against the employer electronically without the need to visit the Council office. This request is completed within 15 working days if the needed documents and information are completed . Complaints are handled in strict confidentiality. The employer will be contacted without revealing the complaint owner identity.
How to use
  • Click the button to access the E-service
  • Add a username/password or continue as a guest
  • You can file a complaint for you or on behalf of a first degree relative
  • Fill your information as a complaint owner
  • If the benefeciary is someone else, fill the benefeciary info
  • Fill your employer contact details
  • Fill your contact details
  • If the complaint is related to a previous closed complaint, add the number of the previous complaint
  • Fill the complaint details clearly
  • Upload a scan of supporting Documents ()
  • Review the filled application again. Wrong information can cause request cancellation or delay
  • Press Submit